The Leading Edge

Justin Sykes from Ray White Corporate was in India for a week in August and conducted power packed training sessions in Delhi and Goa. Ray White Vasant Vihar team were the attendees in Delhi and benefited tremendously, while Ray White Gurgaon, Goa and Mumbai teams met up in Goa for a three day workshop from 31st July until 2nd August 2012.

His sessions covered all aspects of real estate business with special emphasis on generation 5 technology platform. With these tools and high tech communication and database management systems the Ray White Offices in India will have a leading edge.

Ray White India charging ahead

On the 23rd of April 2012, Mr Brian White (Chairman) Ray White Group and Mr Carey Smith (International Director) visited India to meet all the franchise owners in the country to discuss the many initiatives by the Ray White Super Group in the pipeline for the next financial year to emerge as market leaders in the Indian Real Estate Brokerage business in the next few years to come.

Strong strategic growth planned on an India basis. Very encouraging times for Ray White India. The meeting was well represented by the owners of Ray White Goa, Ray White Vasant Vihar, Ray White Mumbai and Ray White Gurgaon.

Ready To Remake History in India

Ray white Entered the New Zealand Real Estate industry in 1995 as of now Raywhite New Zealand has over 132 offices & is the market leader in New zealand. This is the fastest growth in the history of the real estate industry of New Zealand. Ray white India is set out to repeat history in the Indian real estate space. Now its time for Ray white India to showcase its achievements.
Watch carefully what has now transpired in New Zealand & will be repeated in India in the video.

Work in Progress

Ray White India welcomes all offices opened in the year 2010 i.e. Goa, Gurgaon, Bangalore, Vasant Vihar , New Delhi and in Mumbai.

Very soon Ray White is reaching your door step in Ahmedabad, Chennai, Chandigarh, Pune and Jaipur.

Ray White Opens Fort Mumbai Office

With ambitions to serve more, after achieved remarkable business in Goa under the Ray White Brand, Mr Pramod Rane is delighted to expand Ray White office into Fort Mumbai. Mr. Rane loves challenges and along with his hard working nature decided to dive into the Real Estate industry to serve both buyers and sellers with the anticipation of building a long and successful Real Estate Career in the Goa & now in Mumbai.

He is delivering the best possible service to his clients through a well planned and thorough approach to marketing their properties. His team has a fabulous mix of hard work & experience. Mr. Rane is looking forward to once again creating great results both personally and for the business.

Ray White Vasant Vihar, New Delhi, India

Experienced local real estate identity Mr. Titu Sethi with his two sons Mr. Varun Sethi and Mr. Siddharth Sethi has joined forces with Ray White to open a new office at Vasant Vihar, New Delhi, India.

“We just felt we needed to be with a bigger brand and there is no bigger and more solid real estate business in the world than Ray White,” Mr. Sethi said.
“Not only have we been impressed with the strength of the brand but we have been delighted with the quality of the technological support and the training offered.”
“Incorporating our operations into Ray White’s existing model provides a terrific opportunity to grow the business and we are already seeing the benefits.”
Mr Titu Sethi, the agency’s principal, said he and his dedicated team would be looking to expand the business under the new brand.

“Being with the largest real estate network in Australasia, we’re able to offer our clients the significant benefits which our sheer size affords and that’s something that no other agency in the area can match,” he said.

Mr. Titu Sethi

Mr. Varun & Mr. Siddharth Sethi

Glad to be in Gurgaon

A week after opening up in Goa, Raywhite India is proud to announce the addition of  Ms. Maria Midha and Mr. Ajay Midha as its Gurgaon Franchisees.

Both of them are professionals who have been in the international realty domain for the last 10 years and specifically Mr.Ajay has also been a Super Ray White salesperson at Runaway Bay (GC) and people like him are the need of the moment to revolutionize the way real estate business is transacted across the Indian market.

Expressing his delight on this development Mr. Gulshan Nayyar – Director of Raywhite India said that “We are honored to welcome Ms. Maria Midha and Mr. Ajay Midha as our Franchisee in Gurgaon as this is a great opportunity for all of us as both of them will prove as pillars for Ray White India.

With this the company has taken the next step towards building a nationwide network for the Gigantic Indian Real Estate Market.

The organization of the highly fragmented Real Estate sector by the company will not only solve the woes of the consumers but would also generate many entrepreneurial opportunities in the industry.”

Wings in Goa

Ray White India is all set to fly high and glad to introduce its franchisee in Goa.

An entrepreneur in the true sense, Mr. Pramod Rane is now a Franchisee for Goa, with this initiative Ray White India has taken the first step towards building a nationwide network for the Gigantic Real Estate Market.

All this has been possible with the overall hard work of the great business development team of Ray white India and especially Ms Sapna Bhardwaj , with her dedication and skills she has successfully been able to appoint a Franchisee in Goa within four months.

Ray White India is happy to welcome Mr. Pramod Rane as its first Franchisee in Goa as this is a great opportunity.

We are confident that Ray White will gain new heights under the leadership of Mr. Pramod Rane in Goa, who is a person with high integrity, values and knowledge.
This is a part of the initiative taken by Ray White India for the upcoming Real Estate Market for making it more organized in the future.

Mr. Pramod Rane said that “We are honored to bring Ray White to Goa. We look forward for being an active part of Ray White India”.
Ray White India is working towards opening Franchisee in major cities and towns of the country like Bangalore, Gurgaon, Mumbai, Chennai and Pune.