Ray White India Corporate Office Inaugurated

5th of November 2014, Carey Smith (International Director) and CEO of New Zealand , visited India to inaugurate the new state of art Ray White India Corporate office. During his visit many decisions to grow our network into a world class network in India were finalized as well as Carey demonstrated the various new technologies now available to the group which would set a benchmark in our industry.

Ray White India and Embassy of Denmark – News from India

“It was indeed a proud moment for Ray White India to make a presentation in the Embassy of Denmark through Mr Kristoffer Brixton Bertelsen, Counsellor and Head of Innovation Centre Denmark, Embassy of Denmark, in conjunction with the University of Copenhagen through their representatives Ms Vivian Tos Lindgard, Head of Office, Ms Sandra Westy Krambs & Mr Mark De Vos  and to be selected to provide leasing services to all visiting researchers to India from Denmark. Ray White India has been recommended by the Denmark Embassy and would find its name and place in all relevant trade publications in Denmark as preferred registered agents in India. Vivek Mehta of Ray White India has been highly commended for his efforts in strengthening these relationships with the Embassy of Denmark and to continue to deliver high level of service to the Diplomats.  Ray White India celebrated this achievement by hosting a dinner for the visiting faculty”

Ray White Ludhiana undergoes extensive training in Australia

Jagmeet Singh owner of Ray White Ludhiana underwent extensive training in Brisbane Australia, where he attended the Partner training program. He was trained by top industry experts such as Peter Camphin, Tony Warland , Jason Alford, Luke Richardson and Michelle Delaney. Jagmeet also had the opportunity to meet and share his plans over dinner with our group Chairman Brian White, Group CFO and Trustee Andrew Jamson. Jagmeet is committed to opening a world class office in Ludhiana and is determined to take his business to new heights. He found the Ray White training experience highly rewarding. He also had the opportunity to meet our Group Trainer for India Justin Sykes and visit some of our top offices in the city followed by witnessing the sale of properties by Auction conducted in Brisbane.

The Lions of Ludhiana

Ray White group welcomes Jagmeet Singh of the Lamba family in Ludhiana (also know as the Manchester of India), who has recently joined the Ray White group and would be operating their new office in Ludhiana. Jagmeet is son of Shri Harsharan Singh Lamba, a very successful businessman and a visionary who had started in the real estate brokerage space in the year 1988, when he was 42 years young. The business started as Lamba Properties and today they have several offices in Ludhiana. Staring with transactions in buying and selling property , he grew to be a highly successful colonizer and a developer with time. Jagmeet further studied in Melbourne majoring in Business Studies and Accounting and has now joined the family business, and as business owner of Ray White Ludhiana he is poised to take his family business to higher levels. Family values and ethics passed on…..

Ray White India Celebrates

Ray White India recently celebrated its two years of relationship with Singapore Airline Terminal Services over a grand lunch at Jing in Gurgaon. Ray White has been assisting in relocating their visiting employees to India since 2010. I

India Awards Night

Carey Smith, NZ Chief Executive Officer, had visited India to discuss growth plans for 2013 with Ajay Midha. Ray White India is at its formative stages and is proposed to kick off sometime end of March 2013 or beginning of April 2013. We have identified premium locations and buildings for the Ray White India corporate office and have extensive promotional and PR Plans for 2013, says Ajay Midha.

Carey Smith along with Ajay Midha also had the opportunity to interact with several Indian businessmen and prospects interested in owning Ray White Offices in India, to understand the culture, the mood and the unique challenges of the Indian market.

Later on he visited Ray White Gurgaon office followed by dinner at the residence of Ajay and Maria Midha, where ONE unique award was given to a dedicated performer for his outstanding service to Ray White Gurgaon and Ray White India. Ashley Paiva had left a secure job 3 years ago to join Ray White Gurgaon and has been working since on commission only basis and continues to be an inspiration for many young agents who join the business. Apart from this Ashley also continues to help Ajay Midha in promoting Ray White India. For his complete faith and belief in the Ray White Group he has been given ” The True Believer Award ” 2012, award presented by Carey Smith.

Video from NDTV Profit on India’s Expert Opinion on Property Management Services

Ray White India were chosen by NDTV Profit , India’s leading TV channel to provide expert opinion on Property Management services lead by Maria. Property Management is the need of the hour in the country with more and more Non Resident Indians looking at professionals to look after their assets.

Click on the link below to view our video.

NDTV Profit, India’s leading TV channel to provide expert opinion on Property Management services

The Leading Edge

Justin Sykes from Ray White Corporate was in India for a week in August and conducted power packed training sessions in Delhi and Goa. Ray White Vasant Vihar team were the attendees in Delhi and benefited tremendously, while Ray White Gurgaon, Goa and Mumbai teams met up in Goa for a three day workshop from 31st July until 2nd August 2012.

His sessions covered all aspects of real estate business with special emphasis on generation 5 technology platform. With these tools and high tech communication and database management systems the Ray White Offices in India will have a leading edge.

Ray White India charging ahead

On the 23rd of April 2012, Mr Brian White (Chairman) Ray White Group and Mr Carey Smith (International Director) visited India to meet all the franchise owners in the country to discuss the many initiatives by the Ray White Super Group in the pipeline for the next financial year to emerge as market leaders in the Indian Real Estate Brokerage business in the next few years to come.

Strong strategic growth planned on an India basis. Very encouraging times for Ray White India. The meeting was well represented by the owners of Ray White Goa, Ray White Vasant Vihar, Ray White Mumbai and Ray White Gurgaon.

Ready To Remake History in India

Ray white Entered the New Zealand Real Estate industry in 1995 as of now Raywhite New Zealand has over 132 offices & is the market leader in New zealand. This is the fastest growth in the history of the real estate industry of New Zealand. Ray white India is set out to repeat history in the Indian real estate space. Now its time for Ray white India to showcase its achievements.
Watch carefully what has now transpired in New Zealand & will be repeated in India in the video.